Boy ScoutTroop 714

Troop 714 - Philmont Trek,
June 27 - July 9, 2014

We received the news that Troop 714 can attend Philmont in the summer of 2014. The dates we have been given are June 27 - July 9, 2014. We have reserved 2 crews for this date now. You may leave the Dallas area on June 26 or June 27, depending on the type of transportation (troop will decide this, after we have confirmed the exact number attending). We were very lucky to get in to Philmont for 2014, as we started out as number 521 on the wait list, and were still on the wait list 30 days ago.

Each Crew must contain at least 7 members, but no more than 12 members with the majority being youth. A minimum of 2 adults is required for each Crew, but no more than 4 adults are allowed in a Crew. Each participant must be a registered member of BSA and Troop 714. Adults may need to take additional training.

To be eligible to participate, a Scout must at least 14 years old by June 27, 2014, or be 13 years old and have completed 8th grade, and not turn 18 until July 10, 2014. Philmont does not make exceptions on any requirements.

Participants must be physically and mentally able to participate in a 12 day backpacking trip at altitudes of 6500 - 12,144 feet in the mountains of New Mexico, You will hike 5 - 12 miles each day, and will carry everything in your packs on your backs. You also need to be prepared for the extremes of weather. Scouts will select their exact itinerary in the spring, based on the sub-camps that they want to visit. If we have 2 crews, then you will not be assigned to a specific crew until the itinerary has been selected. All participants will be one group until then. Each crew will be led by a youth crew leader at Philmont, and adults will act as advisors.

Each participant will need to develop a program of regular aerobic exercise and/or physical conditioning for 3-6 months prior to leaving for Philmont. You will also need to review all of the risk advisories, and make sure that you do not exceed the maximum weight for your height. We will have copies of this at the next troop meeting, for you to review. If you have specific questions on medical conditions, you can speak to Mr. Sickler. The whole group will have extra outings, such as group hikes and backpacking trips planned by the adult advisors in the 6 months prior to going to Philmont.

The cost is estimated to be around $1400 per person, and this does include the Philmont fee of $800, plus transportation, and some meals. Each participant will have to furnish their own equipment, such as tent, backpack, sleeping bag, hiking boots, etc. We will have more information on all of this, as we progress. Once we know how many participants will be going, then the troop will make the arrangements for the transportation.

Every scout we have sent to Philmont has absolutely loved it, and has grown from the experience. Both of my sons attended Philmont, and glad that they went.

The troop will receive its official confirmation next week, and the first payment will be due 30 days from that date.

If you interested in attending Philmont in 2014, then you need to send me at email at You must reserve a spot by November 4, 2014. Also, a nonrefundable deposit of $500 is due by Monday, November 4, 2013. We will sign up scouts and adults on a first-come, first-served basis. We will need to know by November 4, if we will have enough for 2 crews, or only 1 crew. If you have not paid your deposit by November 4, then you will forfeit your spot. We can start a wait list, if needed.

Please email me at if you have additional questions.

Thank you,
Laura Dolan
on behalf of Troop 714

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Event Dates:

June 27 - July 9, 2014

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November 4, 2013

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